Cuts of Meat Available


Pasture-raised, antibiotic- and hormone-free  

  • Rib Chops $17/lb
  • Lamb Chops (2 per pkg) $16/lb
  • Leg Steaks (2 per pkg) $14/lb
  • Shoulder Steaks (2 per pkg) $14/lb
  • Stew Meat (1 lb pkg) $11/lb
  • Ground (1 lb pkg) $11/lb
  • Shanks (2 per pkg) $6/lb
  • Flat Ribs $6/lb
  • Liver, Kidney, or Heart $6/lb
  • Soup bones (2+ lb pkg) $3/lb

Please contact us for pricing/information about whole lambs.

Chefs, please contact us for wholesale pricing for restaurant menus! 


Pasture-raised, antibiotic- and hormone-free

  • Whole Broilers (approx. 3&1/2 lbs ea) $5.00/lb
  • Feet (12 feet/pkg,) $2.49/lb

*Feet make a tasty dog treat (so the 4-legged crowd tells us!)!

Chefs, please contact us about wholesale pricing for restaurant menus!