Our Farm

For over 100 years, the Dellinger family has been farming in the foothills of North Carolina. While growing methods and technology have changed farming, we still believe in field-to-table freshness. At Dellinger Family Farms, we use sustainable methods to insure future generations are able to enjoy quality local items.

Our Products

With the driving principles of local, fresh, and natural, all the products raised at Dellinger Family Farms are the very best. In raising a variety of plants and livestock, we can provide the best quality and nutrition in our products. None of the vegetables we raise are genetically modified and no livestock is given hormones to accelerate growth. All products delivered to our customers are as nature intended: pure, nutritious, and great tasting. All of our products are available in season at the Foothills Farmers' Markets in Shelby and Kings Mountain, or direct from the farm. Buying local insures that the products are of the best quality and freshest taste.

Farmers Markets

Local farmers' markets provide a great source of fresh, local, and reasonably priced food. You can always count on having the very best options at your local market. Whether you are looking for vegetables, fruit, meats, cheeses, herbs or even flowers for your lawn, you can always count on the local farmers market to provide.

Foothills Farmers' Market


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